Desire, the Main Ingredient

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Knitting and crochet was introduced to me when I was barely a teen in Girl Scouts.  Other older Girl Scouts taught all the girls in our troop, knitting one month and crochet the next.  One by one, they went from one Girl Scout to the next.  I could hardly wait for my one to one lesson.  The more I watched others give it a try, the more anxious I got for my chance.  Both knitting and crochet were challenging.  I fumbled with the needles at first, but I wanted to learn it so badly.  Once I did, I would get a badge to sew on my Girl Scout sash, but I would also have a way to make accessories for myself and others.  After practice and tips from my mother and grandmother, I finally was able to move onto other stitches, to read instructions, to make simple projects and to get my knitting and crochet badge.  That all came from the desire within me.  If it is your desire to learn knitting or crochet or both, you owe it to yourself to learn.  If you can’t teach yourself, take a class.  You will be glad you responded to that desire.  Who knows, you may discover a hidden talent!

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One thought on “Desire, the Main Ingredient

  1. I am honored to say that I have taken classes from Cynthia. She is an awesome teacher. I have had the pleasure of experiencing a class with 3 others ladies there and we had a wonderful time while learning so much. A class with others brings about questions that you might not think to ask but allows learning even more. I have not been able to tackle using two needles and yarn with knitting but I really enjoy crocheting. It is a way to relax. I learned how to make a washcloth and during a road trip I crocheted washcloths while my husband drove. I do enjoy myself and hope that others get the chance to learn a hobby that brings them relaxation.

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