That Time of Year Again

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It’s getting to that time of year again when we think about those winter wardrobe changes we want to make.  Knitting and crocheting accessories for last year’s favorites outfits are a great way to update and give them a new look.  There are some trends for this winter that even a beginner can make and wear with pride.  Fingerless gloves are awesome accessories that look great and are functional as well, keeping the hands warm and the fingers free.  Leg warmers that cover not only the calf and ankle but extend over the top of a tall heel are very chic.  They can be a simply stitched or done decoratively to jazz up your outfit.  Scarves and other neck warmers are almost like jewelry decorating the neck while keeping you warm and toasty.  Take your favorite short or three quarter length sleeve tops and change their look with gauntlets that flatter your arms from wrist to upper arm.  All of these items can be made for the fraction of the cost of a new piece of clothing and make your existing wardrobe warm and stylish for this fall and winter.

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