Five Reasons to Crochet Lace

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Crocheting lace may seem like a complicated task; however, if you have said to yourself, “I wish I could do that” chances are you can.  See my article “Desire-The Main Ingredient” for encouragement.  Here are just five reasons why you should accept the challenge to crochet lace.

  1. All it takes is knowledge of a few basic stitches.  Those would be the chain stitch, the single crochet, double crochet, and the slipstitch.  Pattern books that have pattern rated as “easy” will have instructional pages that explain well the basic stitches.
  1. There are lots of “easy” patterns.  When searching for patterns for your first lace project, look for pattern rated “easy”.  If you do not know how to read a pattern, other crochet crafters that can read patterns are usually glad to help.  Salespeople in local yarn specialty shops are great helpers too.  Also, pick a small project, such as a snowflake or coaster or small doily.
  1. Crocheting lace provides excitement.  The lace design is revealed little by little upon completion of every row or round.  Anticipation builds.  Though the pattern provides a picture of the finished project, seeing it happen before your very eyes is exhilarating.
  1. Projects with lace have an heirloom quality about them.  Many people pass the crochet lace on to loved ones like their other valuables.  Even tattered and stained, crochet lace is considered heirlooms by many families and they proudly state who made it and what occasions it was used.  Not many things have that place in our lives.
  1. Having accomplished the “easy” patterns, you’ll be spurred on to grow in the complexity of crochet lace.  Moving on from the “easy” patterns to the “intermediate” patterns allows you to continually experience the anticipation and excitement of seeing a design appear.  You may even begin to do your own designs.  That is not as far fetched as you might think.

Now that you have read these reasons, go out and explore those lace pattern booklets.  Look for “easy” rated projects that you would like to have for yourself.  Then embark on the journey of developing the skill to crochet lace.



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2 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Crochet Lace

  1. Hello
    What can I say, this is an excellent post.
    Anyone interested in learning this art, can begin their journey with the instructions and encouragement you laid out.
    The picture of the snowflake is very nice.

    Well done!

    • Hi Ms. Gladys,
      Thank you so much for visiting this blog! I really appreciate your comments. They are encouraging to this new blogger.

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