Simplicity Ignites Desire for the Complex

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When I began learning my crafts (knitting, crochet, and calligraphy), I began with very simple projects that were suggested to me by my teachers.  Though the projects were simple, they were challenging.  I repeated them over and over to master them.  As I mastered them, I began to desire more complex projects.  Simplicity in the beginning projects ignited my desire to do the complex.  I learned not to despise the simple, small beginnings.  They gave me some accomplishments that built my confidence to try the complex.  In knitting, my early simple project was a garter stitch scarf which led to the next project of bedroom slippers.  In crochet, I started with a bun cover for the hair and then went on to a small square which became a potholder.  My beginners’ calligraphy project was writing my address on envelopes which led to doing a poem on parchment.  All of them brought with them a hunger to do a greater project.  What was your beginner project that spawned a hunger to go on to greater things and what was your next project? Or, did you get discouraged from starting with a complex project?

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One thought on “Simplicity Ignites Desire for the Complex

  1. Hello Cynthia
    Your article was excellent because it gives the opportunity for those starting out, that they can grow and improve.
    Thank you for sharing with your audience how you started and with patience you have grown in this industry.
    Keep it up.
    Gladys post…The Disease call bullying

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